Thursday, January 24, 2008

Proof the Media has picked your President

I can barely express how truly disappointed I am in the ignorance of the American people and the huge corruption of the news in this presidential election. Call me naive, but I also wasn't old enough to vote until Bush's second term.

First- I watched the MSNBC debates tonight. Censorship is brutal- I won't deny my acclaim for Dr. Ron Paul. But when his total time speaking is 6 minutes and 31 seconds, by far the least- the second least amount belonging to Mike Huckabee at 12 minutes, how can you justify feeding the Romneybot 21 minutes of face time? Sure I can bitch and moan till the cows come home about the blatant censorship of Dr. Paul and things probably won't change...

But, seriously Mitt Romney is the winner? He had the most time talking tonight and from the looks of it he also had a prompter. When asked if he would respond the same way Reagan did... a whisper is loud and clear "he
raised taxes" and Romney starts "What by raising taxes?". Sure give me the bullshit answer to this like a good media pawn.

Who said it? Cameras don't have mics. In fact only the moderators and the candidates had mics. MSNBC is going to blame Russert, but did he need to whisper that in order to get a relevant answer from Mitt? If Mitt is a great economic candidate he would know that raising taxes is what Reagan did right? Since he name drops RR frequently enough would he in fact need Russert to add "he raised taxes" to the question? Doubt it. What's more disturbing is that along with his "help" and his 20% of the show air-time, the debate winner er I mean owner is...

Oh that's right- Mitt Romney. He purchased the media empire "Clear Channel Communications" in
November of 2006. Those that say he is a good businessman are certainly correct. Clear Channel is an umbrella company consisting of 1200 radio stations, various billboard sites, newspapers and local cable channels like Fox and ABC.

So the news we are getting is from a station that's owned by presidential candidate Mitt Romney- I guess we have our very own explanation for censorship. So if you want to welcome today's soft Republicans in to change the ways of President Bush- with the exception of Ron Paul you are welcoming full control of your lives, even what you watch on TV.

*Another link to Romney's first-hand connection to Clear Channel has been posted, and as of January 11th Bain Capital, Mitt's company, has gotten FCC approval for the buyout- from the Huffington Post.


Travis Harshaw said...

Well, first of all the voice clearly said "He raised taxes". Not "raise taxes". Romney then went on to say how he would "not" raise taxes. Few minor inconsistencies in a good article make it look like a jumble fabrications.

I do agree that the whisper happened and I do think Romney is as corrupt as they come.

Caitlin said...

this is the biggest song and dance election. democracy in America is dead. everyone please read Naiomi Wolf's new book "the end of america" and listen to this extremely important interview:

show it to your friends, your family, your co-workers.

the neocon regime is not going away, they're merely changing figureheads.

Yang said...

"Clear Channel is an umbrella company consisting of 1200 radio stations, various billboard sites, newspapers and local cable channels like Fox and ABC."

No. Clear Chanel owns local broadcasting stations. Cable channels are wholly owned by their networks and are fed directly to the cable companies. MSNBC does not have local cable channels. MSNBC is one national cable channel, though it may have a few different signals sent to cable stations to accomodate different time zones.

Zeke said...

You are making your cause worse. I am no fan of Mitt Romney or the Republicans running this year (though I am fond of Paul), but you need to do real research before making such claims. Your link about Romney's firm buying Clear Channel doesn't go anywhere with actual evidence- just links to news sites with 404 errors.
Clear Channel is a publicly traded company and by law, anyone can buy shares for any reason, and only has so much pull in the organization.
But wait- Clear Channel doesn't even own NBC or MSNBC! So your point is moot. A national network can't be controlled by an organization that owns some competing local affiliates.
MSNBC did not blame the whispers on Russert- but on one of the audience mics. I don't know if I buy this argument, but you definitely jump on the conspiracy bandwagon a little too fast.
And your tin foil blogging hat isn't helping Dr. Paul's chances either; Paul recieved half the airtime of Romney because the best he has done in any primary so far is win 13% of the popular vote in Nevada. This is not an organized effort to "censor" Paul - but the media giving more attention to the candidates of interest to the most viewers.
You will notice that his own campaign doesn't succumb to chattering about conspiracies or efforts to censor Ron Paul. But the more that people like you jump to alarmist conclusions, the more Ron Paul's campaign loses credibility among undecided voters.

Kyle Ain said...

Caitlin did you know that america was founded as a republic and that the founders were against a democracy? Can you figure out why yet? Hmmm, I wonder. Hmmm.