Thursday, January 10, 2008

Support for Ron Paul; Sign the Petition and Donate

Calling all twixters: that's right 80's babies; those of us who are recent grads or are still in college. The future of this country. If you are not familiar we are referred to as twixters because we are the generation that complains but does not act.

I like to live by the saying "Why curse the darkness when you can light a candle?"

Here's our chance. A
petition demanding a recount for the NH primary was started, and those of us Ron Paul supporters who are familiar with the situation and believe it was fraud should sign.

Although my blog isn't widely popular it gained some serious momentum over the past few days. If I was someone noteworthy I would officially endorse Paul. So I am asking for the Ron Paul supporters (twixters in particular) to keep faith. As college students or recent grads who have picked Ron Paul as our candidate, we were and still are onto something.

A real revolution is in his hands and in ours. If we really want to see change we must help bring it. I am asking that we start a mini-twixter campaign. Specifically, as broke students who have climbed into a hole of debt from high student loan interest rates we don't have the finances to spend thousands of dollars on endorsements. But, if every one of us gave $5 to his campaign we could make a difference.

Let's do it. Let's not be the lazy twixters of the past, let's stick with our guts in this critical time. We need to fight back, to take this country back as belonging to the people before it's too late.

Put your five bucks to good use (think: two 22's of Old English, a pack of cigarettes or a subway meal) If you can come up with 5 bucks for those things you can give it to Ron Paul!

Don't forget the Republican debate from Myrtle Beach is on Fox News tonight at 9pm ET!

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