Friday, January 4, 2008

Britney's Buzz

No matter how much we fault Britney for her "downward spiral" how can we not point fingers at our own media outlets. When CNN airs Britney's hospital visit as a top story tonight, post-caucus, we can only blame ourselves for part of her "mental issues".

When Britney Spears is news, not just FOX or E! news but legit CNN news, something is seriously wrong with the media. She is news because we make her news, her life is publicized because we made it that way. We all know how to fix her, we all can decide she is unfit to be a mother and why? BECAUSE WE ARE WATCHING HER.

If anyone, celeb or not, had a camera attached to their ass on a daily basis we could analyze them in such a way that they might feel the need to jeopardize their own life. Hell if a camera followed me around for 3 years and called me "unfitney" and a "cocaine addict" and documented my every visit at every club and rehab in LA then I would probably be suicidal.

As I watch the news, and they play parent/psychologist/GOD to Britney- "She needs help or she will die"- who the eff are these people to interfere? She is an unfit mom because we seek out pictures and tape of her doing things that make her that.

As the most cynical person I know (especially in terms of celebs and the media): I can only shake my head at the poor-sensationalist media behavior we have taken as a country. Leave her alone. Let her make her choices, as most of us do. Psychologists diagnose us, courts give us orders, our friends and family analyze us.

We do drugs, crash cars, say stupid things, dance at clubs, argue with our husbands or ex husbands, throw things at people, run red lights, get drunk on weekends....We are all capable of making decisions and dealing with consequences.

But for christ's sake, act as a media outlet- judging someone else's choices for good ratings is not only morally wrong but it is also NOT NEWS.

If the paparazzi killed Diana...

Over time we may be able to say: the news killed Britney.

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