Sunday, December 2, 2007

Youtube Republican Debate

Okay so I have been pro-Hillary for like 3 years now, probably before she was even decided on running for president. But, I can't help but wonder if there's a better "low-key" option.

I absolutely HATE the campaign tactic of attacking the opposition. I suppose I was a front-runner; being behind either Clinton or Giuliani. I liked the whole centrist thing, you know no hard-core left winger and no Dick Cheney. Giuliani was the guy who cleaned up NYC; a republican that was pro-choice. Hillary and her national healthcare plan, not to mention she is married to Bill who proved to keep most Americans happy.

But now I am kind of annoyed. With Rudy's whole "when I was mayor of NYC...." and Hill's attacks on Obama et company. TELL ME WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO. I don't care what you have done in the past or what your competitors lied about. Do something for us. We already have a selfish president who is more concerned about getting his name in a history book than about OUR wellbeing, I want a president NOW that is going to help us NOW.

Anyone with any sense of character can tell that Mit (Mitt-sp?- don't care enough to look it up) Romney is full of shit. I know nothing of him or his ways besides watching this Youtube debate and if you can't tell that he's a liar from listening to him talk in 30 second and 90 second intervals, than you have no right to vote for a president.

McCain is Bush Jr. His monotone dialogue and right wing attitude would have fit in better in last election, he is old news.

Huckabee...although I won't be voting for him, I like his demeanor. He is a good speaker, something we haven't had for close to 8 years now, and he seems to be comfortable in his plans. He doesn't do the flip flop thing.

I think my vote is going to Ron Paul. I am not here to advocate anyone, and maybe my naivity to the Republican candidates is annoying rather than endearing but I believe he is a people's president. I loved his answers. Especially the ones that involved worrying about OUR country. Because the president that is elected now will have the most influence on the twixters' future, I think it's important we pick the guy that is for fixing our country NOW.

Let's face it. Our student loans aren't getting any cheaper, we run out of parental-provided healthcare at 23, we don't want to be working at 80- we need some flexibility about retiring at a decent age. We need to live.

I want a president who will worry about: healthcare, bringing home troops, cracking down on illegal immigrants and replenishing social security.

Sure it's great to help others- let's rebuild Iraq, spend billions on another country. But what about us? And specifically, what about our generation?

We are so lazy. If this were 30 years ago we woulda revolted against Bush. Instead we live like robots; accepting a government (which exists for the people) that makes us prisoners to taxes and its system. No one has to live and breathe politics here but we need to figure out what we want from our president and pick the guy (or gal) that will give us those things.

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