Sunday, December 2, 2007

Obama and Oprah

What an effing joke. Oprah has lost serious credibility since her backing of that "Million Little Peices" book and then a school she paid for, neglected and went down the crapper.

Hey Oprah, before you go spending your "hard earned" millions to endorse a presidential candidate why don't you do something that matters. What grounds are you supporting Obama on? He is part African American? I am just curious, because he truly has nothing substantial on his side. His debate skills are terrible, I think I could come up with better responses/rebuttles.

If anything, the fact that he is being endorsed by a daytime talk-show host, just adds to the fluffiness of his campaign.

And O, if you really wanted to do something good why don't you donate all your dough to a real cause, or just be honest about your intentions.

Obama is a joke.

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