Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Addict and The Hypocrit

I have a love-hate relationship with quite a few reality tv shows. Some I am not ashamed to admit to, and some that might serve a greater purpose.

I love Project Runway, and I truly feel that although it may be overdramatized for the sake of ratings, it is a creative-unique show. In other words, I do not become dumber from watching it.

Then there are the in between shows, like ANTM. America's Next Top Model wasn't always Tyra's outlet for self-promotion. At one point in time it actually was about the girls. Her over the top stunts or "acting" are really obnoxious- I don't watch it anymore. But again, ANTM is a competition...

Where as, my guilty pleasure "The Hills" is just fake television. I almost forgot that it was fake until E! shows like "The Soup" and "Chelsea Lately" point out errors in consistency on the show. I would love to hate that show out of spite. These girls are rich and famous without ever having any true talent or skill level. I always wanted to be an actor as a child but felt that it wasn't reliable enough to take up as a career. Nowadays people like Heidi are famous for doing nothing.

Hell, not only is Heidi famous but she has no college degree and a good job. LC has a job at Teen Vogue. It's a shame that people work their whole lives and pay for expensive degrees and can't land jobs at top PR firms but Heidi, who formerly whined that she didn't get to work events, does.

I get it, I know, these girls are "attractive" but they aren't supermodels nor are they the sharpest knives in the drawer. So why do they get this luxe lifestyle while most of us struggle to pay student loan bills for a college degree that didn't land us our dream jobs?

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