Monday, December 10, 2007

The Real World of Tila Tequila

Reality MTV, what great minds.

The Real World is really ridiculous this year. As much as Trisha and her "Only God can judge me" attitude were on my last nerve, Parisa proved to be as pathetic. If Parisa felt "physically threatened" by Trisha then she clearly needed to hit the gym more, as Trisha was like 120 lbs of pure bitch. Parisa felt alienated by Trisha's mean girl persona. Granted, no one likes to feel like the odd man out, but kicking her out of the house was purely done with ulterior motives.

With no Trisha and clingons, Parisa could be the head honcho. The annoying, overly judgemental head honcho. I was in Parisa's camp until I realized that Parisa stayed mad and punished her room mates for their behavior as though she was God; not the God Trisha had in mind I suppose. This is the Real World. People are cast to create drama. Everyone sleeps with each other and most importantly, girls FIGHT. I guess Parisa was a casting director's friend because clearly she does not belong on Reality TV.

Oh and Ashli, the fake addition to the cast, get a life. You didn't care that Dunbar had a girlfriend, your actions and their aftermath had no correlation. Congrats you are a national slut now.

Oh, Tila Tequila. Why are you famous again? Bi-sexual myspace music? The best part is that I highly doubt she is bi-sexual. She didn't ever seem that into the making out with any of the females. Ironic that she ends up with the one girl that looks just like a boy?

I think not. She got her own reality tv show purely because she is slutty enough to make out with any member of the opposite sex in hopes of becoming famous. Forget self respect or being famous for doing something that requires talent- just get drunk enough to make out with girls, boys and girls that look like boys. It won't win you an Emmy but it will get you on MTV.

Dani- Danny. Clear identity crisis. If you have feminine parts, you are a girl. Having a dikey haircut won't make you a man. A sex change and boob amputation WILL but otherwise you are just a girl dressed up like a guy who is fighting for the affection of a drunken myspace whore.

Can't stomach that show.

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